Renaud III, Count of Burgundy

Rainald III. of Burgundy (c. 1093, † 1148 ) was since 1102 Count of Mâcon and Vienne together with his brother William III, as well as from 1127, Count of Burgundy ( Franche -Comté ). . He was a son of Stephen I madcap and Beatrix of Lorraine.

After the death of his cousin, William III. the child raised in 1127 Rainald a claim to the County of Burgundy. He got into a war with Duke Konrad I of Zahringen, who made also a claim. The Zähringerplatz had the support of King Lothair III. of Süpplingenburg who had entrusted him with the Rectorate of Burgundy. Rainald was able to prevail in Besançon, but had its entire territory east cede the law at the Zähringerplatz.

Around 1130 he married Agatha of Lorraine († in April 1147 ), daughter of the Duke of Lorraine and I. Simon of Adelaide of Louvain. His only daughter, Beatrice of Burgundy ( probably * 1146, † November 15, 1184 ), was his successor in 1148 and in 1156 the wife of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

  • Graf ( Burgundy )
  • Graf ( Macon )
  • House of Burgundy - Ivrea
  • Born in the 11th century
  • Died in 1148
  • Man