Renaud of Roucy

Called Rainald, or Ragenold, (franz: Renaud de Roucy, † May 10 967 ) was the first Count of Roucy in the 10th century.

Norman origin

The person of Count Rainald of Roucy was probably identical or related to the leader of a Norman army called Ragenold ( Ragenoldus, princeps Nortmannorum ), which plundering drawn in the years 923 and 925 through the Loire Valley and the Oise was border invaded Burgundy, there but a suffered defeat. He was besieged in his winter camp near Arras 926 by King Rudolf, but this wounded during a successful night outage and struck his army to flee.

The identity of the Count with the Norman leader is widely accepted in recent literature, but also a separation of the two persons is contemplated because of the long interval of twenty years, after which the Norman Ragenold would have been the father of Count Rainald.

Count of Roucy

Rainald was first mentioned in the year 944, when he and his brother Dodo of King Louis IV were (now in the department of Aisne ) endowed with the Overseas Montigny- Lengrain. In the same year he attacked the Abbey of Saint -Médard of Soissons. In the year 947 he was first called by the title of "Count " ( Ragenoldus comes ). In the year 948 Rainald began with the construction of the castle Roucy, shortly after he witnessed a charter of the Abbey of Cluny as " Count of Reims " ( Rainaldus, Remensis comitis ). The Count's Office of Reims was 940 transferred from the king to the archbishop, from whose hand turn Rainald this county received as a fief, which he thus became a vassal of the archbishop.

Rainald died on 10 May 967 and was buried in the Abbey of Saint- Remi in Reims.


Rainald was most likely married to Alberada, a daughter of the Duke of Lorraine Giselbert and step-daughter of King Louis IV of overseas. Marriage is not used in a document, but is inferred from the naming of their children and grandchildren. Moreover, the grave of Alberada in the Abbey of Saint - Remi was right next to Rainald. Their children were:

  • Ermentrude († 1002/1004 ) ∞ with Count Aubry II of Mâcon († 982 ) (House Macon )
  • ∞ with Count Otto William of Burgundy ( † 1026) (master list of the House of Burgundy - Ivrea )
  • ∞ with Fromond Count II of Sens ( † 1012)

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