Renault–Nissan Alliance

The Renault- Nissan Alliance is an alliance of two independent companies Renault and Nissan Motors. The contract was signed in Tokyo on 27 March 1999 by Louis Schweitzer and Yoshikazu Hanawa. Three years later, on 28 March 2002, a limited liability company incorporated under Dutch law for the joint strategy and utilization of synergies: the Renault -Nissan BV.

Renault -Nissan was produced in 2010 with 6.7 million vehicles fourth- largest automaker behind Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen AG, even before the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. Renault -Nissan was thus able to maintain its position from the year 2009, when 6.085 million were settled.


Include Renault -Nissan

  • The Renault group with Renault
  • Dacia
  • Renault Samsung

Stock shares

The alliance is connected by an exchange of shares. The resulting group " is based on trust and mutual respect ". Renault holds the major share in the alliance.

  • Renault: 15 % Nissan ( about Nissan Finance Co. Ltd.. ), 15.01% French State, 3.09 % employee, 0.98% Treasury stock, 3.10% Daimler AG, 62.82 % Free float
  • Dacia: 99.4 % Renault, 0.6 % free float
  • Renault Samsung: 80.1 % Renault; 19.9% ​​Samsung
  • Nissan Motors: 44.3 % Renault
  • Infiniti and Datsun are trademarks of Nissan, not as independent companies

Joint developments

In addition to a common platform strategy and jointly developed engines and components, there are also badge - engineering hervorgegange models, such as the MPV Renault Kangoo ( = " Nissan Kubistar " ), or vans (in cooperation with Opel ): Renault Trafic ( = " Nissan Primastar " ) and Renault Master ( = " Nissan Interstar ").

On deck "B": Renault Clio III

Renault Trafic

Nissan Primastar

Synergies of Renault and Nissan are systematically used and created. Thus, the pre- 33 platforms will be merged by 2010 to ten, what $ 1.4 billion saved in 2005 when shopping and even greater sums in the development work. Nissan Micra and Renault Modus, and other models are based on the common B platform, the C platform, based on the Megane and Scenic, is the basis for the compact models by Nissan as the Almera.

Successful models are built in foreign works of the partner, the Renault Scenic in the Mexican Nissan plant in Cuernavaca, the Nissan Pickup in the Renault factory in Brazil. Joint logistics and joint distribution strengthens Nissan through the use of Renault's strong presence in Europe and South America and strengthens Renault through the use of Nissan's strong position in East Asia, North America and Australia. Together, the Indian market is now being addressed.

Strategic cooperation with Daimler

The Renault- Nissan Alliance has launched in 2010 a strategic cooperation with Daimler. Daimler is at Nissan and Renault to hold a share of 3.1%, while Nissan and Renault each hold 1.55% of Daimler shares.

Joint Projects:

  • Sharing of motors and drives
  • Renault Kangoo II as the basis for the Mercedes -Benz Citan
  • Common ground for group III Renault Twingo and Smart
  • Mercedes -Benz engines for Infiniti Q50
  • Infiniti Q30 based on the Mercedes -Benz A-Class