Renningen station

  • Black Forest Railway ( KBS 790.6 )
  • Rank brook course ( KBS 790.6 )


The Renningen station is a railway junction in Renningen where the rank brook course leads to the Württemberg Black Forest Railway. It is a station on the network of S -Bahn Stuttgart.

  • 2.1 S -Bahn


State Railway time

From 1865 onwards, it was clear that Renningen should have a railway connection. However, the completion of the Black Forest Railway was delayed, so the Royal Württemberg State Railways it opened in stages. On 1 December 1869, the inauguration of the section Ditzingen - Because the city was.

The train station at the time was about one kilometer north of the village. Today's Station Road was a dirt road that led to the new traffic building on the Wörnetäcker, Ried and Stegwiesen. The municipality broadened him shortly before the track opening. Carters, however, used the road to Rutesheim and left this at the level of the station. There, the municipality put a straight paved road to ( today's Old Station Road ).

As a freight bypass around the Stuttgart basin the state railway began in 1913 with the construction of rank brook course. She placed between Böblingen and Renningen a connection between the Gaeu and the Black Forest Railway. The commissioning took place on December 23, 1914 for the time being to Sindelfingen, on October 1, 1915 then to Renningen. Also in 1913, beating engineers before the plate railway, which should lead Renningen about Friolzheim by precinct. The state railway set back those plans and the German Reichsbahn they unrealized.


After the First World War and the subsequent economic crisis had been overcome, the demand rose to the rank Bach railway passenger transport. Many Renninger and Malmsheimer found a new job at the Daimler works ( from 1926 Daimler- Benz plant ) in Sindelfingen. Children and young people took advantage of the connection to return to the middle school to Sindelfingen or Karlsgymnasium to Böblingen to drive. But the train services remained limited.

The local governments of Renningen and Malmsheim unsuccessfully asked the Reichsbahndirektion Stuttgart to improve. Beginning of 1932 continued the Mayor Renninger the Directorate once again under pressure. He and the council threatened to, to seek a continuation of the bus line Stuttgart -Leonberg, if the railroad did not run more trains in the future. In Stuttgart we showed unimpressed.

Opened in 1937, the Luftwaffe airfield Malmsheim, north of Renningen. He was to supply its own railway siding. The branch was northeast of the station. The course is still recognizable today.

To improve public transport, the Reichsbahn decided electrification for part of the Black Forest Railway. On March 9, 1939, the trains could sail the second main track between Leonberg and Renningen. On 18 December 1939, the electrical operation between the Stuttgart main railway station and because of the city began.

Federal Railroad time, German Bahn AG and the 21st century

After the Second World War, passenger numbers between the race rings and Böblingen declined due to the increasing individual traffic. On September 29, 1970 finally put the German Federal Railway passenger transport one on the stretch Sindelfingen racing rings.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the request had come after an S -Bahn line between Renningen and Böblingen. The proposed S-Bahn line S60 2006 should be the commuters available. However, increases in costs, resulting lack of financial resources and complicated reconstruction delay the reactivation. Since June 2010, the S60 is therefore wrong to date between Böblingen and Maichingen. The continuation to Renningen was released on December 8, 2012.

Railway operation

The railway station serving the Stuttgart S-Bahn lines S6 and S60. On track 2 keep the S-Bahn direction Leonberg, on track 3 by the Weil der Stadt and Böblingen. The Renningen station corresponds, according to the Deutsche Bahn AG, the train station category 5

S -Bahn

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