Renton F.C.

The Renton Football Club was a football club from the village of Renton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, was from 1874 to 1921.

In the first two decades of their history, the club belonged to the top of Scottish football, he stood 1875-1895 five times in the final of the Scottish Cup and was able to win it twice ( 1884/85, 1887 /88). 1890 was one of the founding clubs Renton FC of the Scottish Premier League, from which he retired in 1897 due to financial reasons. As a result, the club played in the lower amateur leagues until 1921 finally dissolved.


  • Scottish FA Cup: 2
  • Dumbartonshire Cup: 4
  • Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup: 4


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  • Former Scottish football club
  • Sports (West Dunbartonshire )
  • Established in 1872