Renzo Zorzi

Renzo Zorzi ( born December 12, 1946 in Ziano di Fiemme, Trentino -Alto Adige, Italy ) is an Italian former Formula 1 pilot.


In his first two Formula 1 seasons in 1975 and 1976 Zorzi started with only one Grand Prix for Frank Williams Racing Cars, whose successor Walter Wolf Racing respectively. His best Formula 1 placement, a sixth place, Zorzi reached the Grand Prix of Brazil for Shadow in the 1977 season, reaching the single championship point in his Formula 1 career. Zorzi was indirectly on the fatal accident of his teammate Tom Pryce Kyalami Grand Prix of South Africa involved. Zorzi remained on the home straight lie with an engine failure, a marshals wanted to delete the resulting fire Zorzi car, crossed it, without paying attention to the driver, the track was struck by Tom Pryce at full speed. Pryce died by the fire extinguisher the marshal, who met him in the accident on the head. The marshals was also killed instantly

After his time in Monopostosport he played sports car racing. Among other things, he won in 1979, with Marco Ferri Capo at the 1000 km race at Monza.