Repetitive music

Repetitive arrangement referred to in the music is a form of arrangement that is based on repetitions of individual short fragments. The development within the music is often achieved by minimalist change individual parameters.

Already many shaman dances were essentially based on the repetitive arrangement. Especially in classical music, there is a long tradition of repetitive arrangements. In the 20s of the 20th century, the repetitive arrangement appeared in the live presentations of country blues on how the Coro of the Cuban Son, one of which is a direct line can be drawn to the sections of the Mambo salsa. Purist formations are, for example, musique d' ameublement, the Vexations by Eric Satie and the so-called minimal music. Also, for example, the radio and the Krautrock apply it to. Today's electronic dance music ( house, techno, and others) is almost entirely based on the repetitive arrangement, sometimes you find mixed forms with the song or song structure, such as in a trance.

Basically, generally plays repetition in music a central role. Ostinatos, recurring melodies and motifs or repetitive harmonic or rhythmic structures are essential elements of most musical forms.