Repository (publishing)

A document server (also publication server or repository / repository ) is a digital library for publishing and archiving of electronic publications in a repository. In contrast to a simple publication on a website of the operator of the publication server also provides for long-term archiving and cataloging of the documents published by means of bibliographic metadata. Document server for preprints are frequently used.

In Germany document server of the German Initiative for Network Information ( DINI ) can be certified. The Open Archives Initiative promotes networking of repositories through the establishment of technical standards. With the developed " Protocol for Metadata Harvesting " (OAI -PMH ) can provide information on the holdings of repositories - so-called metadata - are collected. Subsequently, the data is aggregated and indexed. In this way, the stocks of several document server can cross search. This is possible, for example, the search engine OAIster.

Most German document server are Hochschulschriftenserver that receive mainly electronic dissertations.

Software Systems

For the operation of repositories, there are various software systems that incorporate, among other things, the function of an archive software and mostly are available as open source:

  • DSpace
  • EPrints
  • Fedora repository
  • MyCoRe
  • OPUS
  • Visual Library ( Module Publication Server)
  • Greenstone
  • Invenio

An overview of document servers provide the Registry of Open Access Repositories ( ROAR ) and the DINI database. Detailed information for operators of repositories for example, offers the information platform open-


  • ArXiv: One of the famous preprint server
  • DSpace: Open Access publication server for Economics
  • Social Science Open Access Repository: Open Access Repository of the Social Sciences
  • Archive server of the German National Library
  • Document and Publication Server of Humboldt University of Berlin ( Humboldt -Universität zu Berlin)
  • DuEPublico: Document and Publication Server of the University of Duisburg -Essen ( MyCoRe )
  • Bavarian OPUS server
  • PsyDok: Psychology of Saarland University and State Library
  • Qucosa: Saxon document and publication server
  • Online publication network of the University of Stuttgart - OPUS (Software)
  • Inspire: A Publication Server for particle physics based on Invenio