Rescue coordination centre

Maritime Rescue Co -ordination Centre ( MRCC ) are national control center to coordinate the rescue. You work in the world of an international alliance and operated by the coastal states. These bodies coordinate in case of distress, the available forces (Search and Rescue, Navy, Coast Guard, etc.).


A Marine Rescue Sub Centre ( MRSC ) is a place that takes care of a part of the waters in the area of ​​responsibility of a MRCC whose functions partially.


Be alerted MRCC and MRSC on:

  • EPIRB Seenotbake (satellite)
  • GMDSS Inmarsat data radio (satellite)
  • Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya ( satellite phone )
  • GMDSS VHF Radio
  • GMDSS-GW/KW-Radio
  • VHF channel 16
  • Shortwave 2182 kHz
  • In the coastal zone via mobile or landline phone.

MRCC areas

Maritime Rescue Co -ordination Centres are an important part of the Global Maritime Distress Safety System ( GMDSS), a technical system for worldwide help in distress cases and for maintenance of navigation within the framework of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea ( SOLAS). Each sea area worldwide is associated with an MRCC. The British Isles, for example, have a total of 19 regional MRCCs in the three regions "Scotland and Northern Ireland ", " Wales and West of England " and " East of England ".

The international umbrella organization for search and rescue, the International Maritime Organization ( IMO), the UN.

MRCC are:

  • MRCC Gothenburg; next to " Stockholm Radio" as MRSC ( Maritime Rescue Sub - Centre ). MRSC Stockholm for the entire range of the Swedish search and rescue region ( SRR).


The German station is operated by the GMRS. Seat of the German MRCCs is the GMRS headquarters on Werderstraße 2, 28199 Bremen.

The GMRS is from the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing ( BMVBW ) received a government contract to coordinate search and rescue activities in the German maritime area, as well as participation of German ships and shipping companies. The foundation is set in:

  • International 1979 Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue at Sea
  • International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974/79
  • IAMSAR Manual Volume I-III
  • Convention No. 164 of the International Labour Organization ( ILO) on health protection and medical care of seafarers
  • Geneva Convention of 1949
  • International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to Assistance and Salvage at Sea 1910