Resident (magazine)

Resident was a music magazine with a strong focus on German -speaking drum -and- bass scene. Generally comprised resident genres Drum and Bass, Grime, Dubstep, Breakcore and Nu: Breakz.

Resident appeared quarterly with a circulation of 5,000 copies and was distributed via disk stores and kiosks in Austria and Germany. The magazine includes approximately 80 pages and as a free supplement an exclusive mixed CD of a well-known record labels.

Previous MixCDs: Phunkfiction, Urban Poetry, U3R, Camino Blue, Basswerk, Santorini, Black Sun Empire, Position Chrome.

The editorial residents consisted of total 30 volunteers. According to the magazine 's own definition of a decentralized editorial team in Germany and Austria was created. It defined itself only by the resident in Vienna editorship as an Austrian magazine.

With the appear of the twelfth edition and after three years was resident abandoned on November 17, 2008.