Resort town

Resort or state- recognized resort means a municipality or a community member, which because of its particular suitability for recreation ( for example as part of a recreational holiday with impeccable air quality) a corresponding predicate has been awarded. This is a right conferred in several German states predicate.

In Germany, the recognition is the state-approved leisure by the competent Ministry in the respective province. Recognition may also refer to a community or a community member. As a basis for the recognition of the definitions are made - quality standards for Prädikatisierung of spas, resorts and mineral springs of the German Spas Association eV and the German Tourism Association eV ( further information see Related links ).

It is awarded to towns whose air and climate, according to a report properties that are conducive to the recovery. This report must be repeated regularly. In contrast to air spas and other spas are no medical facilities to conduct Kurmaßnahmen must be present in resorts. However, the prerequisite is a designed for tourism infrastructure.

There are also state-recognized tourism communities that must meet certain legal requirements.

In the state of Bavaria to communities that are a nationally recognized resort, after the municipal tax law (§ 7) require a local tax.