Resource management

Resource management as part of project management is used to insert all project participants (resources) efficiently.


The PMBOK Guide provides for three main processes:

Organization in the project

There are all individuals and roles identified in the project and held in the framework of stakeholder analysis ( confidential document ) and organizational (public document). The reporting lines are matched with the participants and noted.

Procurement of personnel

The procurement of project staff is organization -dependent. In some organizations, the project manager has only limited influence on the selection, which restricts its possibilities for action. Nevertheless, it is his duty to acquire the appropriate staff for the project.

Team development

Team development is used to improve the skills of the individual and the entire group. It's worth a rule to see this topic across projects and long term.

In addition to the planning of human resources may also be useful planning of tangible resources such as conference rooms or equipment. To schedule personnel and material resources, planning boards and capacity surveys are often used.


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