Retrogradation (starch)

Retrogradation is the regression of previously gelatinized starch. This is mainly done by the amylose contained in the starch, since they, in contrast to amylopectin, is not composed of a three-dimensional network and therefore glucose, the water can not be fixed well.

Retrogradation is primarily the cause of staling of baked goods. The present in the flour starch are doing the physically bound liquid partially off and goes to a crystalline state ( eg starch granules ). The stale pastries thereby assumes a soft, foam -like consistency.

The retrogradation of the starch is strongly favored by cool temperatures. Between -8 and 8 ° C, the aging amplified by a factor of three. The hardening effect can be delayed by the addition of fats, emulsifiers and α -amylase.