As Retroposon or non - LTR transposon refers to a transposable so jumping DNA sequence used as a mobile intermediate RNA ( retroelements ), but not the flanking repeat sequences have ( long terminal repeats ). Often, even in some textbooks, the term " Retroposon " is incorrectly described as an abbreviation for " retrotransposon " and equated with them. Retrotransposons, specifically LTR retrotransposons use a completely different transposition mechanism and are thus not to be equated with retroposons.

Retroposons often possess a poly (A ) region, which is why it is assumed that they are transcribed, can be rewritten by a reverse transcriptase into cDNA and integrate again. This is also known as a retro position.

Known retroposons are:

  • The I factor in Drosophila melanogaster
  • SINEs in mammals
  • ITS elements of the rRNA in insects
  • The Cin4 element in maize