The Reuters Group plc was most recently the world's largest international news agency headquartered in London. My focus was on economic issues, but sold them similar to the German press agency Associated Press or other news. After purchasing through and association with the Canadian Thomson Group, the Group has been called since the April 17, 2008 Thomson Reuters and is headquartered in New York.

Company Profile

90 % of revenues were generated with stock market and economic information. The company was founded by Paul Julius Reuter in 1850 in Aachen. From there he sent with carrier pigeons share data between Aachen and Brussels. As a telegraph line was established between the two cities, Reuter presented the " Air Service" a. After his emigration to London, he founded a company again, to convey stock prices to Paris via the submarine cable between Dover and Calais.

Reuters had the following five divisions:

  • Institutional Sales & Trading
  • Asset Management & Research
  • Trade & Risk Management
  • Enterprise
  • Media

Reuters TV station also supplied with images and sounds about current world events. At his own encrypted satellite channels material was spread about politics, sports and entertainment. Reuters had a worldwide network of video reporters and partners, so that the images could be broadcast in no time.

From 1994 to 2002 Reuters business also the business channel Reuters Financial Television, whose program of London, Tokyo and New York was produced from.

Beginning of August 2006 it was announced that the agency Reuters had finished their years of collaboration with the Lebanese photographer Adnan Hajj, because these images with which Israeli attacks on Lebanon should be documented by the insertion of additional picture elements ( smoke from an Israeli aircraft outgoing flares ) had been tampered with. Reuters took 920 photos of this photographer back from their database.

Reuters was listed on the London Stock Exchange in the FTSE and NASDAQ in New York ( LSE: RTR, NASDAQ: RTRSY ).

The Thomson Group had announced its intention in May 2007 to take over Reuters. The purchase price should be converted to Euro 12.9 billion.


The Lipper, Inc., a provider of fund information and analysis tools, is one of the subsidiaries of Reuters.


The main competitors in the field of Reuters information products for financial service companies were Bloomberg, Telekurs and Thomson Financial, a major division of The Thomson Corporation. In the media are the main competitors Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Dow Jones and Bloomberg News, in Germany, the German Press Agency. Reuters had over 327,000 professional users.