Reuthe is one marked by the tourism community in Austria in Tyrol in the district of Bregenz with 612 inhabitants (December 31, 2013).

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Reuthe located in the westernmost province of Austria, Vorarlberg, in the district of Bregenz southeast of Lake Constance at 650 meters above sea level. A.. 53.4 % of the area is forested, 11.6 % of the area Alps. There are no other local villages in Reuthe.

Neighboring communities

The community is surrounded Reuthe despite its relatively small area by the location in the middle of the Bregenz Forest of seven neighboring communities. Six of these, namely the municipalities Schwarzenberg Andelsbuch Bezau, Bizau, Schnepfau and Mellau are also Bregenz Forest communities in the district Bregenz. The western neighboring municipality, the city of Dornbirn, however, is in the same district Dornbirn.


The Habsburgs ruled the areas in Vorarlberg changing of Tyrol and Further Austria from ( Freiburg im Breisgau). From 1805 to 1814, the town belonged to Bavaria, then back to Austria. For the Austrian state of Vorarlberg Reuthe heard since the foundation in 1861. The place was from 1945 to 1955 part of the French zone of occupation in Austria.



The proportion of foreigners at the end of 2002 was 13.5 percent.


The municipal council consists of 12 members. Mayor Arno Scharler.

The municipality revenue from taxes and other charges in 2001 were at 760 849 euros, the municipal expenditure at 1,075,689 Euros. The debt was 2001 525.025 euros.

Economy and infrastructure

At the site there were in 2003 12 companies in the industrial sector with 405 employees and 41 apprentices. Taxable wage -employed, there were 262 tourism and tourism are important. In the tourism year 2001/2002 there were a total of 76 231 nights.

In the resort there are (as of January 2003) 38 students. In Reuthe there is also a kindergarten.

Culture and sights

  • The Bregenzerwaldbahn ( Museum Train Wäldlerbahn ) stops by the preserved original stops cottage in Reuthe. * The parish church of St. James was built in 1248 and is decorated with frescoes that have arisen 1420-1450.


  • Fetz Leopold (1915-2012), painter, illustrator and graphic designer
  • Hermann Kaufmann ( born 1955 ), architect