Rezina District

The Raion is a raion in Moldova Rezina. The Rajonshauptstadt is Rezina.


The Rajon lies to the east of the country on the river Dniester. It borders on the Rajons Orhei, Şoldăneşti and Teleneşti and to the breakaway region of Transnistria.


The Rajon Rezina exists since 2003. Until February 2003, the area belonged to the now defunct district Orhei ( Judeţul Orhei ).



1959 50 586 inhabitants lived in what is now Rajons. By 1970 the population had risen to 56 020. In the following decades, the population, however, up to 54 817 decreased from 55 027 in 1979 in 1989. During the 2004 census, only 48 105 people lived in Rajon Rezina and therefore already less than in 1959.

Ethnic groups

According to the 2004 census put the Moldovans with 93.0 % the proportionally by far the largest ethnic group, while 75.8 % described themselves nationally as Moldovans. The national minorities in Rajon Rezina form the Ukrainians at 3.5%, Russians 2.3%, with 0.8% of the Romanians and the Bulgarians and Gagauz, each with 0.1%.