RFB stands for:

  • Reichsbund of Biology, an association that emerged in 1939 under the chairmanship of Fritz Knoll, which was founded in 1932 "German biologists Association "
  • Remote Frame Buffer Protocol, a network protocol for accessing the graphical user interfaces on other computers
  • Rhein -Flugzeugbau, a German aircraft designer
  • Structural floor, a technical term from the construction industry, see floor
  • Red Front Fighters' Union, the paramilitary fighting organization of the KPD in the Weimar Republic
  • Paratransit, a bus, the bus only by telephone arrangement

RFb stands for:

  • K.D.St.V. Ripuaria Freiburg, a Catholic German Student Association

RfB stands for:

  • Provision for premium refunds, a technical provision which serves to finance the policyholder participation
  • Rush for Berlin, a real-time strategy game
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