RFB/Grumman American Fanliner

The Rhein -Flugzeugbau Fanliner was a two-seat touring aircraft manufacturer Rhein -Flugzeugbau in Mönchengladbach. As a special feature of the drive by a ducted propeller and also the design of the second prototype by Luigi Colani in a still futuristic design is mentioned. Colani bought this copy and the aircraft was flying itself also


The Fanliner based on developments of the Rhine flight RW third According to these previous developments since 1960, responsible for the especially Hanno Fischer drew, this was the first design that was designed exclusively for the drive with a ducted propeller. The first flight of the first prototype D- EJFL took place on 8 October 1973 which turned out to the ducted propeller as unexpectedly loud and the fuel consumption very high. The second prototype Fl -1 ( D- EBFL ) of the forward fuselage and the cockpit by Luigi Colani was redesigned and enlarged the span of the wing. The first flight of this also equipped with a more powerful engine machine took place on 4 September 1976.


The Fanliner was designed as a mid-wing all-metal construction. In order to limit the development costs, the wings and parts of the T -tail were purchased by the company Grumman American Aviation, which drove these parts of the types Yankee and travelers through the RFB sister company Sportavia - Pützer in the Federal Republic. The GRP hull front part came from the Ballotpedia -8 by Helmut savages.

The drive was carried out by a liquid- cooled two -rotor Wankel engine KKM 871 from Audi NSU with 160 hp or a thrust of 285 kp. The drive system with engine and ducted propeller was installed behind the main spar and the cabin.

The fixed tricycle landing gear was fitted with aerodynamic fairings. The first prototype three -, five - and siebenblätterige propeller designs were tested, the drive consisted of an engine 135 NSU Ro

Mass production did not come despite a cooperation agreement with an "American company " about.