RFS is an abbreviation for:

  • Radio Frequency Systems, German manufacturer of cables and antennas, based in Hanover
  • Reichsführer school, training centers of the NSDAP
  • Reid Flying Submarine, a remote-controlled demonstration model of a flying submarine
  • Reiser file system, a multi-purpose file system
  • Remote Forensic Software, a software of the Federal Criminal Police Office, see the online search # Technical possibilities
  • Ring Freiheitlicher students, an Austrian student organization
  • Road Feeder Service, Shuttle Service by truck for transport by air, see road feeder service
  • Robust file system, a file system from Samsung
  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, a Methode material analysis, see X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • Rossijski Futbolny Soyuz, the official Football Federation of the Russian Federation
  • Russian Federation Ship, the international designation for a ship of the Russian Navy, Russian naval fleet see

RfS is an abbreviation for:

  • Reich Office for Sippenforschung, a Nazi Department for questions of genealogy, in particular the so-called Aryans evidence
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