RGO hand grenade

The RGO hand grenade (slide Well Granata Oboronitel'naja, Russian Ручная граната оборонительная ) is a fragmentation hand grenade from Russian production, which is intended for the defensive use of, for example, trenches or other covered positions. It is very similar to the RGN hand grenade for the offensive use.

The grenade has a double-layered aluminum or steel body, which is provided for fragment formation with predetermined breaking points. As a pilot of UDZS double-function fuze is used, which triggers both an ignition on impact and after a factory preset time. The impact fuze leads after a delay from 1 to 1.8 seconds detonation. If the impact fuze has the grenade not ignited after 3.2 to 4.2 seconds, the time fuze triggers the detonation of the grenade. The resulting fragments on detonation are fatal within a radius 6-20 m, the safety radius is 100 m.

The grenade is manufactured in Russia and Ukraine, and used in the armies of some countries. In addition to the normal RGO the slightly lighter (450 g) and filled with 85 g of TNT RGO -78 hand grenade, which is constructed similar to the assault grenade RGD -5 exist. For training purposes, there is also a variant of the RGO -1M, the weight, handling and explosive sound of the RGO -78 simulated, but remains without a splitter and explosion effect.