RGS is an abbreviation for:

  • Burgos Airport, Spanish Airport northeast of the city of Burgos to the IATA airport code
  • Ratsgymnasium city of Hagen, an old and modern languages ​​of mathematics and natural science school and one European school in the city Hagen ( Schaumburg )
  • Cleaner, Gebbert & sound, a former German company
  • Religious of the Good Shepherd, a religious women's orders, see Sisters of the Good Shepherd
  • RGS Automobile Components, former British car manufacturer
  • Rheingau -Gymnasium Schöneberg, a high school in Berlin- Friedenau
  • Rio Grande Southern Railroad, a narrow gauge railway line in the U.S. state of Colorado
  • Royal Geographical Society, a learned society in London

RGs stands for:

  • Rales, a symptom of disease of the lungs
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