Rhadamistos, son of Iberian ( Georgian ) Pharasmanes king of the dynasty of Parnawasiden was 51-54 King of Armenia.

He was son of his uncle Mithridates, he made ​​war. This fled to the Roman fort Gorneae, but was delivered by the Romans after Rhadamistos had sworn to kill him, neither by fire, steel or by poison. Rhadamistos Thereupon stifle his uncle and kill his wife and children. The Romans recognized Rhadamistos ' rule not to, but they tolerated what the Parthians gave occasion to intervene. The Great King Vologaeses I drove Rhadamistos and enfeoffed his brother Trdat I. with the reign of Armenia. After a retreat of Trdat I. Rhadamistos could return, but was driven out again by 54 of rebellious inhabitants. Rhadamistos fled with his wife Zenobia to Iberia. On the run he supposedly stabbed his pregnant wife on their requests, but was rescued. He himself escaped to Iberia, but was killed by his father as an alleged traitor.

The material was processed in the opera Radamisto by Georg Friedrich Händel.