• L: 10030-85-0 (monohydrate)
  • L: 3615-41-6

Colorless and odorless solid (monohydrate)


1.47 g · cm -3 ( monohydrate)

85-95 ° C ( monohydrate)

Slightly soluble in water

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Rhamnose is a naturally occurring 6 -deoxy- simple sugar ( monosaccharide ), consisting of six carbon atoms ( hexoses ) and stereochemically of the mannose derived (6- desoxymannose ). In contrast to other naturally occurring sugars, this is available only in the L-form as a component of pectin chains. From rhamnose some flavors are synthesized. Its breakdown products are responsible for the odor of human flatus.

The name derives from the presence of L- rhamnose in buckthorn plants from whose botanical name is Rhamnaceae.

Based on sucrose has a 10% D- Rhamnoselösung a sweetening power of 33%.