The Rhein- Haard - Express is a regional express train movement in North Rhine -Westphalia from Münster Recklinghausen, Gelsenkirchen, Essen and Duisburg to Dusseldorf.


The Rhein- Haard - Express perverted 1998-2002 as Haard - Express only between Münster and Essen. From the timetable change in December 2002, he was bound over Duisburg to Moenchengladbach and replaced the section of Duisburg- Mönchengladbach Rhein- Emscher -Express ( RE 3 ), which has since reversed to Dusseldorf.

With the timetable change on 12 December 2010, there was another line exchange, the section of Duisburg- Mönchengladbach has since been taken over by the Rhein- Hellweg -Express ( RE 11), which runs every hour between now and Hamm Mönchengladbach.

The Rhein- Haard - Express took over in return section of Duisburg- Dusseldorf also every hour. Thus regularly five Regional Express trains per hour run on this section ( REs 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6), and four Regional Express trains per hour on the Essen- Duisburg section ( REs 1, 2, 6 and 11).

Since the timetable change on 12 December 2010, the Rhein- Haard - Express runs with 5 instead of 4 cars. According to an EU - wide tender DB Regio NRW was able to secure the operation on December 2014 addition.

Train route

The Rhein- Haard - Express is running on a total of five railway lines:

  • The railway line pan - Eickelmann -Hamburg between Munster and pan - Eickelmann (together with various intercity trains and the RB 42)
  • The railway line between Dortmund Duisburg- tub - Eickelmann and Gelsenkirchen (total transport without intermediate stops ),
  • The railway track Essen- Gelsenkirchen continuous ( together with RB 42 and the S -Bahn line S 2)
  • The railway line between Dortmund -Duisburg Essen and Duisburg ( long-distance tracks, together with all the features of regional and long-haul )
  • The railway line between Cologne and Duisburg between Duisburg and Dusseldorf. In this four-to six-track section used the Rhein- Haard - Express route, the tracks of the train or to the extent available, the so-called local tracks, as well as the Rhein- Emscher- Express RE 3 and the Westfalen- Express RE 6 Only the NRW Express RE 1, the Rhein- Express RE 5 and in the rush hour regional train RB 35 use the remote distance tracks here.

Train services

The Rhein- Haard - Express runs daily every hour. It runs on a large section parallel to the S-Bahn lines, as well as of Münster ( Westphalia ) Hbf Essen Hbf up ( about 30 min. Staggered ) parallel to Haard -Bahn (RB 42). It is operated by DB Regio NRW, the push-pull trains of five double -decker cars with fabric by electric locomotive of the DB Class 146 for speeds up to 160 km / h are used. The average speed is 71 km / h However, the Express between Essen and Münster has a longer two minutes by car as the trains of the RB 42 as letzterere are spurt stronger. In the night or evening hours when the RB runs 42 (no longer), he also holds in RC -South. In addition, the Rhein- Haard - Express is the latest RE- line in NRW, which still has a so-called ZugCafé ( bistro area ). However, this bistro area is now opened only in the HVZ from Monday to Friday.

The double-deck coaches have in addition to an acoustic and a visual passenger information system which informs the passengers about the next stop and connections available. On the trains ( in the café ) there since September 1, 2007, as in all trains of Deutsche Bahn AG smoking ban. In general, there is the control car, which has a ramp for wheelchair users, in the direction of Dusseldorf and the locomotive in the direction of Münster.

The Rhein- Haard - Express is inter alia linked in Münster, Gelsenkirchen, Essen, Duisburg and Dusseldorf with the rest of the transport network. He also secures in Duisburg and Münster direct connections to the distance rail passenger transport.

At the order of two special-purpose associations in North Rhine -Westphalia, the transport association Rhein-Ruhr ( VRR) and on the Association SPNV Munsterland ( CVM ) are involved. Following a Europe-wide joint call of the Rhein- Haard - Express and Haard -Bahn in 2001, the contract for the operation of both lines from 2004 to 2014 went to the DB Regio NRW, which must meet specific requirements in this route. This is evident, for example, the logo of each double-deck carriage.


The Rhein- Haard - Express was re-tendered, together with the RB 42 Haard -Bahn. DB Regio NRW won this award for himself. Originally an extension of the line RB 42 was planned on eating out to Mönchengladbach parallel to the re-allocation. This performance increase is, however, burst, because the red-green state government has denied funding.