• Knut Ringat (Speaker)
  • Klaus -Peter Güttler (Managing Director)
  • Peter Feldmann (Chairman)
  • 390 regional and mainline train stations ( including 111 S-Bahn stations )
  • > 15,000 bus stops
  • More stops for tram and metro

The Rhine - Main Transport Association ( RMV) is a traffic network of public transport (LPT ) in the Rhine- Main area. It has its seat in Hofheim am Taunus in the Main- Taunus-Kreis. CEO Knut Ringat (Speaker) and Klaus -Peter Güttler.

  • 8.1 Basics
  • 8.2 rail transport

History and tasks

The RMV in law to a limited liability company ( GmbH). Shareholders are the State of Hesse, all counties and cities within the composite area with the exception of the city of Mainz, whose territory even for fare zone of the RMV is one that is not but in Hesse. The RMV was founded as a feasibility study and should explicitly be not only a spatial extension of the then existing Frankfurter Transport Association ( FVV ). One of the main differences is the fact that the RMV is supported by local authorities, while FVV was carried by the transport company.

The transfer of competencies in the rail-based public transport by the Federal Government had on the countries through the regionalization law as well as the changes in the European legal framework concerning the award of contracts for the provision of transport services already done a complete redesign. The state of Hesse has this, a law on the public transport system adopted, which defines the mission of the carrier transport. According to this law are to establish Local transit agencies, which have to organize the order of the local local services while the consortia are responsible for the regional transport; However, the association should also coordinate the combination of local traffic between themselves and with the regional transport services. The composite has the goal of offering passengers a consistent schedule and a uniform tariff. The RMV has therefore never operated its own transport from its inception until today. Its jurisdiction is limited to the tendering and awarding of regional transport services as well as the fixing of tariffs, the tariff terms and conditions of carriage, but have some different modes of transport regulations. The common tariffs, etc. were valid on 28 May 1995.

Actually, only the formation of two major groupings of the northern (NPT) and the southern ( RMV) part of the country was provided, however should the existing transport association Rhein- Neckar, which includes large parts of southern Hesse south of Darmstadt, remain. Financed through its subsidiary Vehicle Management Frankfurt Rhein Main GmbH ( fahma ) region and procures the RMV also partially drive vehicles for rail transport in its area of ​​responsibility, after the early years still transport companies had received grants in the procurement of vehicles.


  • The central fare zone
  • Transitional tariff zones

The area includes the RMV beyond the Rhine -Main area, the largest parts of the administrative districts of Darmstadt and Giessen and the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital Mainz. The RMV is bordered to the northwest by the VGWS, on the west by the VRM, on the north by the NPT, to the south by the VRN, on the southwest by the RNN and to the southeast by the VAB. In the framework of collective cooperation and transition transports are of the circle mountain road and the towns Weinheim ( and Hemsbach and Laudenbach ), Eberbach and Worms in VRN even larger parts of the RNN and the NPT and the Bavarian districts of Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg ( VAB), the city of Aschaffenburg and the town of Bad Laasphe in the field of VGWS accessible with restrictions about the RMV tariff. In these transitional tariff areas to other networks and traffic Communities do not apply all of the RMV ticket fare, but only selected offers.

At the time of its founding in 1994, the RMV was the largest area Nahverkehrsverbund Germany, from the founding of the Transport Association Berlin -Brandenburg, he was the second largest transport network in Germany and he has been the expansion of the VGN on 1 January 2010, the third largest public transport network.

Tariff structure

The RMV is in 60 two-digit main - tariff areas ( so-called A - tariff areas, while price level 3) split, adding more "notional" tariff areas for the transition traffic to other network areas. The A- tariff areas except in the cities of Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden divided into smaller four-digit part tariff zones, which vary regionally. The smallest units are the so-called A0- fare zone (also the cheapest price level 1) and the slightly larger so-called A1- tariff areas ( Price Level 2). The combinations of different tariff areas result in different prices, of which can be taken from most of the so -called regional matrix, but there are, according to the RMV for about 1800 compounds special pricing rules. The price levels range from 1 to 7 ( basically number of traversed A- tariff zones ), where the price level has 7 network effect. As part of the transition rates, there are also more price levels ( eg 17 and 45), in fare zone 65 (Mainz / Wiesbaden ) replaces the more favorable treatment of some types of ticket fare stage 13, the price level 3

The ticket range includes single tickets and short-haul tickets also time cards: day pass, group day ticket ( up to five people ), week card, month card, 9- Clock - month card (valid 9 clock until closing ), trainee - month card ( for students and trainees), Annual Pass, 9- year - clock card, Smart card ( student card years ) and long-haul supplement cards for holders of long-distance season tickets between Deutsche Bahn and start or destination in the RMV. At the time card connector Tickets can be solved while crossing their territorial scope beyond. The structure of the connection ticket was restructured the timetable and tariff change in December 2007, since then can the time cards of all price levels (previously only from Price Level 3 and 13 ) are dissolved connection ticket, also need the passengers lost from the knowledge which tariff areas they pass through, in addition. In addition, for the use of the first class carriage at the railway a suitable allowance be acquired, which is also available for weekly, monthly and annual tickets. The RMV offers no multiple tickets, so it is not necessary to validate the ticket before departure. An exception is the pay scale 65 " Wiesbaden / Mainz " (see below ), in which for the special price stage 13 but multi-trip tickets are offered, which must be validated in the trams or buses. In addition, there are local Fahrkartenagebote such for the Mobitick for the district of Darmstadt- Dieburg.

When tariffs well as political orientations were considered. So it is striking that the highest price level, the price level is 7, for example, already goes for a drive from Wiesbaden to Hanau, while also this price level applies to more than twice the distance as Wiesbaden- Fulda. This requirement should both make the switch for commuters from the car to public transport more attractive than promote rural because the fares are designed not just strictly bound distance. How strong is this preference is the example of the neighboring Rhein-Nahe - transport network significantly, in which there are ten price levels and also the price level 2 is at least comparable to the level 3 of the RMV tariff. Many tariff limits are also simultaneously limits of municipalities, this leads to very different prices. Trips from the center of Frankfurt to the nearby Offenbach are significantly more expensive than in the western Frankfurt neighborhoods farther away, as can be Frankfurt traveled in full length with a tariff, while much shorter distances are "punished" through a tariff border with markups.

In addition, job tickets, combination tickets and semester tickets are offered. Exist with the student bodies ( ASten ) of most universities in RMV contracts, so that the students receive automatically enrolling a student council RMV - semester ticket.

The Hessenticket has throughout the RMV (and beyond throughout the State of Hesse and some destinations outside of Hesse, for example, Mainz) validity. As an offer of three Hessian transport associations may, in contrast to other countries Tickets may be purchased only in their ( extended ) network area.

When traveling exclusively by train (but not underground and tram) an existing railway Deutsche Bahn Card is recognized and at a reduced price, at least when the Price Level 5 is reached, exist for the rail card 100 further regulations.

Since April 2006, the RMV also offers an electronic mobile phone ticket, the fare will be deducted at the end of the month by direct debit. This was initially available only in the Frankfurt area, but is now RMV - wide.

Since 1 January 2012, the RMV the time card to the new eTicket Rhein Main. In the first step, the annual passes are issued as eTickets in credit card format with an integrated chip. Customers whose annual card expires obtain, in the course of time a new years card as eTicket sent. New customers can purchase the e-ticket in the mobility centers or order RMV ticket shop online. The cities of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz to encounter only in the course of the year. Here are the new years cards are from March (Frankfurt), and August sent. During the year, the monthly and weekly tickets to the new format to be changed.

The cycle carriage in RMV basically free, but may be restricted locally in case of overfilling, in favor of wheelchair users and prams as well as at peak times.

Repeats was talking to revise the tariff structures of the RMV, as these lead especially at start and finish near tariff limits roughly between Offenbach and Frankfurt at relatively high prices for a short distance. Chance While mitigations have been implemented, which is thought complete revision of the tariff system has so far not taken place.

Transitional arrangements

When the RMV tariff entry into force were time cards of the replaced Frankfurter Transport Association as well as the other previous associations or individually active transport companies in circulation. This could until the end of their validity, ie a maximum of almost exactly one year, continue to be used in the existing scope, a commitment to exchange it for a new RMV ticket did not exist.

Special Mainz / Wiesbaden

The cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden have a special status in the RMV. The city of Wiesbaden is - as the other counties and cities in Hesse also - partner of the RMV, the Rhineland-Palatinate city of Mainz is not. However, because the public transportation between the two cities Mainz and Wiesbaden has long been on a number of common lines and, since May 15, 1975, on the marketing of compound Mainz- Wiesbaden ( VMW ) traditionally associated closely, is the city of Mainz on the VMW still associated with the RMV. The Mainz city area, making it the only non- Hessian territory that belongs to the regular tariff area of the RMV, while all other areas outside of Hesse are only accessible by transition rates.

At the same time the cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden are integrated into the collective space of the Rhein-Nahe - transport composite ( RNN), through this cooperation Wiesbaden is in turn associated by the VMW with the RNN. However, the RNN Rate is subsidiary to the RMV tariff and is only applied when traveling between the cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden and the rest of the RNN network area (or vice versa) take place in the pure internal traffic of the city of Mainz and the city Wiesbaden, when driving between Mainz and Wiesbaden (or vice versa) as well as when driving between Mainz and Wiesbaden and the rest of the RMV tariff applies exclusively to the RMV. The tickets of both consortia are, therefore from the vending machines, retail outlets and in the vehicles with ticket sales.

In addition, trading cards have traditionally been offered in VMW. For various reasons, this system will be maintained indefinitely. This may vary 5 tickets (formerly 4) in advance en bloc purchase and then have to be validated on the bus or on the platform by means of validators. These tickets are valid on all means of transportation of the RMV in fare zone 65.

At the point of Mainz Transport Company ( MVG ) and the ESWE transport company are also the multi-trip tickets on offer in the RNN available (from the RMV ticket machines ), but not from the ( RMV ) machines in the DB; the German railway has set up for this purpose at selected locations extra virgin RNN machines.

While holders of weekly, monthly or yearly the transportation of all own and 3 children only on weekends or during the week only from 19 clock is possible in the RMV, apply on the buses and trams of Mainz transport company and ESWE Transport Company an advanced driving scheme under which the children entrainment control is allowed on all days round the clock. By definition, these rules go before the RMV tariff, but there are different statements, whether this applies only to the two transport companies or for all modes of transport in the tariff area 65. The timetable change on 15 December 2013, the driving regulations are RMV -wide unified, so that the specificity transporting children during the day is not necessary.

Timetable areas

  • 01 City of Frankfurt am Main
  • 02 Main-Taunus -Kreis, Hochtaunuskreis and Bad Homburg
  • 03A city of Wiesbaden
  • 03B Rheingau- Taunus-Kreis
  • 04 Lahn- Dill district and town of Wetzlar
  • 05A Marburg an der Lahn
  • 05B district of Marburg -Biedenkopf
  • 06 City and County of Gießen
  • 07 Vogelsberg
  • 08 Fulda region
  • 09A Main -Kinzig district and city of Hanau - railway lines
  • 09B Main -Kinzig district and city of Hanau - bus
  • 09C Main -Kinzig district and city of Hanau - bus
  • 10 Wetterau
  • 11 city and district of Offenbach
  • 12 city and county Darmstadt Darmstadt- Dieburg
  • 13 Limburg- Weilburg
  • 14 Odenwald
  • 15 Groß-Gerau district and town of Rüsselsheim
  • R Rhein -Main Regional ( inter-regional bus and rail )

There is also a complete edition of all schedules.

Shareholders of the RMV and their PTAs organizations

Transport companies in the RMV (selection) [ Group ]

  • Autobus Sippel GmbH [ Netinera ]
  • Becker & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG
  • BRH viabus GmbH City Traffic Bad Vilbel ( Vilbus )
  • City traffic Friedrichsdorf
  • City traffic Kronberg
  • MIT.BUS GmbH
  • City Traffic Bad Homburg
  • City traffic Oberursel

Tendering of transport services


According to the legal provisions in force, basically all transport services tender. Of these, may exceptionally be waived where it is intended to award the contract to one ( and indirectly about a standing self-owned holding company) of the awarding authority -owned company unless the terms of a contract are not substantially different from the conditions that obtained in a tender would. It follows that the regional transport services must be advertised, while this is handled differently at the local food. Since the RMV is however directly responsible only for regional offers, he writes from all transport services.

Rail transport

  • RB 41 Dillenburg - Haiger - Betzdorf ( win)
  • RB 20 Niedernhausen - Limburg
  • RB 21 Wiesbaden - Niedernhausen
  • RB 25 Koblenz - Limburg
  • RB 28 Limburg - Westerburg - Au (Sieg)
  • RB 29 Limburg - Montabaur - Siershahn
  • RB 56 Hanau - Kahl am Main - Schöllkrippen
  • RE 64 Frankfurt Hbf - Hanau Hbf - Wholesale Umstadt Wiebelsbach ( - Erbach )
  • RB 64 Hanau Hbf - Wholesale Umstadt Wiebelsbach
  • RE 65 Darmstadt Hbf - Wholesale Umstadt Wiebelsbach - Erbach
  • SE 65 Frankfurt Hbf - Darmstadt North - Wholesale Umstadt Wiebelsbach - Erbach
  • RB 65 Darmstadt Hbf - Wholesale Umstadt Wiebelsbach - Erbach - Eberbach
  • RB 60 Frankfurt - Darmstadt - Bensheim - Heppenheim - Weinheim - Heidelberg
  • RE 60 Frankfurt - Darmstadt - Bensheim - Heppenheim - Weinheim - Mannheim
  • RE 70 Frankfurt - Ried City Goddelau - Gernsheim - Biblis - Mannheim
  • R 1 Göttingen - Eichenberg - Kassel
  • R 5 Kassel - Bebra - Fulda
  • R 6 Bebra - Eisenach
  • R 7 Göttingen - Eschwege - Bebra
  • RB 55 Frankfurt - Main Valley - Hanau - Kahl am Main - Aschaffenburg
  • RB 75 Wiesbaden - Darmstadt - Aschaffenburg
  • RE / SE 20 Frankfurt - low Hausen - Limburg
  • RB Casting 30 - Marburg
  • RE 40 Frankfurt - Casting - Siegen
  • SE 10 Frankfurt - Wiesbaden - Koblenz - Neuwied
  • SE 30/40 Frankfurt - Casting - Treysa / Dillenburg
  • RB 30 Friedberg - casting
  • RB 33 Hanau - Friedberg
  • RB 25 Limburg - casting
  • RB Casting 35 - Alsfeld - Fulda
  • RB 52 Fulda - Gersfeld
  • RE / SE 50 Frankfurt - Hanau - Gelnhausen - Waechtersbach - Fulda ( - Bebra )
  • SE 32 Frankfurt - Bad Vilbel - Friedberg - Nidda
  • RB / SE 34 Frankfurt - Bad Vilbel - Stick Glauburg Home
  • RE 30 Frankfurt - Casting - Marburg - Kassel
  • S1 Wiesbaden - Mainz -Kastel - Frankfurt - Offenbach - Rödermark-Ober -Roden
  • S7 Frankfurt - Wholesale Gerau - Ried City Goddelau
  • S8 Wiesbaden - Mainz - Rüsselsheim - Frankfurt Airport - Frankfurt - Offenbach - Hanau
  • S9 Wiesbaden - Mainz -Kastel - Rüsselsheim - Frankfurt Airport - Frankfurt - Offenbach - Hanau
  • S2 Niedernhausen - Frankfurt - Offenbach - Dietzenbach
  • S3 Bad Soden - Niederhöchstadt - Roedelheim - Frankfurt Süd
  • S4 Kronberg - Niederhöchstadt - Roedelheim - Frankfurt Süd
  • S5 Friedrichsdorf - Bad Homburg - Roedelheim - Frankfurt Süd
  • S6 Friedberg - Bad Vilbel - Frankfurt - Langen - Darmstadt

Lot 1:

  • RE25 Gießen - Limburg - Koblenz
  • RB Mayen - Andernach - Koblenz - Bad Ems - Limburg
  • RB Limburg - Diez - Customs House
  • RB92 Andernach - Kaiser Esch (optional)
  • RB28 Limburg - Old Churches - Au - Betzdorf - Siegen - Kreuztal
  • RB29 Siershahn - Montabaur - Limburg
  • RB91 Siegen - Finnentrop ( individual services )
  • RB92 Finnentrop - Olpe
  • RB93 Betzdorf - Siegen - Erndtebrück - Bad Berleburg
  • RB95 Dillenburg - Siegen
  • RB96 Betzdorf - Herdorf - Haiger - Dillenburg
  • RE 55 Frankfurt Hbf / Frankfurt airport Regiobhf - Hanau - Aschaffenburg - Würzburg ( - Schweinfurt - Bamberg)
  • RE / RB 64 Frankfurt (Main ) Hbf - Hanau Hbf - Erbach
  • RE / SE / RB 65 Frankfurt (Main ) Hbf / Darmstadt Hbf - Erbach - Eberbach
  • RB 66 Darmstadt Hbf - Pfungstadt
  • R 61 Frankfurt (Main ) Hbf - Dreieich- Buchschlag - Dieburg ( one way)
  • R 61 Frankfurt (Main ) Hbf - Dreieich- Buchschlag - Dieburg
  • RE / SE 60 Frankfurt - Darmstadt - Heidelberg / Mannheim
  • R 7 Heidelberg - Wiesloch -Walldorf
  • RE 70 / R 62 Mannheim - Biblis - Frankfurt

Smiles - The RMV bonus program

By registering for the bonus program, Smiles and the purchase of tickets through the RMV ticket shop on www.rmv.de or mobile phone as a ticket via the RMV app, customers have the opportunity to collect Avatars. Here, a € cents a Smiles. About the Smiles Customer Portal Avatars these can be redeemed for coupon providers from the composite area for the purchase of vouchers for discounts, free gifts or special experiences. The RMV is working with partners from different sectors together (eg catering, fitness, wellness, tourism, etc ) that make their coupons available. The conditions and benefits can be determined individually by the partners. Registration for the Affiliate Program will be held in Smiles Partner Portal and is up on the provided voucher value free.