Rainer Bohnet, Daniel Price

The RSE Rhein- Sieg-Eisenbahn GmbH (RSE ) was established by the Transport Club Germany and interested individuals in 1994 to get with the primary aim of the endangered Beueler industrial railway ( narrow gauge railway Beuel Great bush ).

Railway infrastructure companies

Today, the RSE operates nationwide both as a railway infrastructure company for more than 200 kilometers of rail tracks in three states (September 2011):


  • Railway Endorf Obing ( 18.5 km )
  • Railway Eggmühl Quaid - long (10.3 miles)
  • Railway Passau Freyung ( 49.5 km )
  • Railway Mühldorf - Pilsting (Section Neumarkt- Sankt Veit front Hausen- Marklkofen; 41.1 km )

Lower Saxony:

  • Railway Rinteln City Hagen (20,4 km )
  • Railway Rahden - Nienburg (25,3 km; small part of NRW)

North Rhine -Westphalia:

  • Bröltal train ( city of Bonn - Hangelar 4.5 km )
  • Oleftalbahn ( Kall - Hellenthal; 17.2 km )
  • Wiehltalbahn ( Osberghausen - Waldbroel; 23.6 km )
  • Wuppertal train ( Krebsöge - Wuppertal- Barmen, 14.7 km )

Railway transport companies

Secondly, the RSE acts as a railway company in the passenger and freight traffic on other routes. Thus (as of January 2011) the freight terminals city of Bonn, Siegburg work Sindorf ( in the city of Kerpen ), Porz (Rhein) and Wiehl (all in NRW) served, which are thus integrated into the national and international rail freight.

Since June 2007, the RSE advertises their home station city of Bonn as RailPort Bonn. The Internet address www.railport -bonn.de the logistical capabilities of the single freight station in the Bonn region are outlined.

In the spring of 2007, the RSE has concluded with the Nuon plant path of the chemical parks Oberbruch a joint venture. On this basis, each one of the engineers of the RSE and a shunter shunting work at Nuon together on the factory premises upper fracture. Instead of Dampfspeicherlok now reversed a diesel locomotive of the RSE. Reason for this was that the Dampfspeicherlok previously used for shunting the type " Meiningen " had to be scrapped due to the expiring term.

The chemistry Oberbruch hoped by this new collaboration greater flexibility, contacts with new customers and a greater capacity for railway operation. Because bankruptcy and sale of some companies in the Industrial Park of the Upper breaking the cooperation of the RSE with Nuon is currently on hold. (see also: worm roller coaster )

In March 2007, the RSE with the Ilztalbahn GmbH signed a cooperation agreement to save the railway line Passau Freyung from the threat of declassification and to take over the route. A decisive step was the granting of an operating license by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology on 13 March 2009.

The RSE reactivated the route Menden - Hemer temporarily to allow in 2010 the railways to the State Garden Show in Hemer. After the route was put up for sale to third parties and then shut down again on 1 November 2010.

On 1 November 2008, the RSE received after the takeover of the section Kall - Schleiden- Oberhausen Oleftalbahn a fifty-year operating license, the portion of Höddelbusch to Schleiden station belonged to her since 1999. On 11 December, the operating license was extended to the total distance to Hellenthal; since 11 December 2008, the RSE includes the remaining distance between Oberhausen and Helle Dale.

Since 1 August 2011, the RSE operates the railway Rinteln City Hagen who was on the verge of closure on behalf of Bückebergbahn Society.