The Rhine riser is a long-distance trail the Middle Rhine on the right side of the Rhine follows a length of approximately 320 kilometers. It was officially opened on 8 September 2005, after the almost concurrent linksrheinische Rheinburgenweg was completed in August 2004. On the route Koblenz Rüdesheim crosses the Rhine climbing the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley and the wine-growing Rheingau landscape. The establishment of the trail was a joint project of the federal states of North Rhine -Westphalia, Rhineland -Palatinate and Hesse to promote tourism in the regions along the Rhine. The German Hiking Institute in Marburg has the Rheinsteig awarded the " German Hiking Seal Premiumweg ".


The Rhine path starts in Bonn ( on the marketplace ), then towards the right side of the Rhine and leads over the seven mountains to the Neuwied Basin around, by Koblenz- Ehrenbreitstein crossed at Lahnstein, the Lahn and then follows the Upper Middle Rhine Valley to Rudesheim. From there he then runs through the Rheingau about Schlangenbad to Wiesbaden, where it ends at the Schloss Biebrich. He accompanied the Rhine preferably in the high places, mostly near the downhill edge, and crosses many side valleys. He runs past several castles and palaces. Apart from numerous vantage points it also has a high proportion of rocky or earthy paths and athletic demanding passages. It also connects to the existing networks of trails crossed regions and to perform these additional tourists.

As a path marker is a blue rectangle with a stylized as river white "R". Among the blue lettering it read " Rheinsteig ". In total, around 8,000 of these characters and about 900 signs were installed with distances whose existence is suffering from souvenir hunters and vandals. To get to the Rhine climbing, ocher- yellow signs are attached to the nearest train station, at the landing of the Navigation of the Rhine and in the center of the communities. These characterize the access roads to the main path. The markings are often simplified painted on stones or similar solid points.

Above the Lahneck crosses the Rhine climbing the Lahnhöhenweg on the left side of the Lahn and on the right side at the Ruppertsklamm the 2010 created Lahn trail. In Bad Hönningen is connected to the opened in May 2008 Westerwaldsteig. The Bendorf -Sayn to Rudesheim am Rhein almost identical rechtsrheinische Rheinburgenweg was reduced to the left-bank part of 2010.


Special points of interest include Beethoven Bonn, Drachenfels ( Seven Mountains), Ruin Löwenburg ( Seven Mountains), Erpeler Ley, Historic City Hall Linz, Arenfels Castle, a World Heritage Site Upper Germanic - Rhaetian Limes, castle Hammerstein, Monrepos ( Neuwied ), Roman ditch Rengsdorf, Zoo Neuwied Castle Sayn, Marienburg Vallendar, Ehrenbreitstein, Ruppertsklamm, Mark Burg, castle Liebeneck, Filsener Ley, Steal Little, Pulsbachklamm, Maus Castle, Loreley, castle Pfalz Castle, ruin Nollig, Assmannshausen / Höllenberg, Niederwald Monument, Kloster Marienthal, Schloss Johannisberg, Schloss Vollrads, Monastery Eberbach, vineyard wedding at Castle Scharfstein ( Kiedrich ), park Schlangenbad, Goethe stone, Biebrich Palace in Wiesbaden- Biebrich.

Rheinsteig pilot

On the Rhine Rhine climbing climbing pilots are on behalf of cities and unitary councils go. Identification signs are blue shirts and beige baseball caps.

The project Rheinsteig pilot launched in 2006 in the municipality Loreley. The community Lorch am Rhein began in 2007 with it. The project is to be extended until 2008 to Walluf.

The purpose of the pilot is to inform hikers and support. They also have the task to repair minor damage to report any major damage to the competent authorities and the ways to maintain and care for. For minor injuries, they have a patch for the hand.


Feeder path: ocher yellow markers show the way to the main path

Rheinsteig between Kaub and St. Goar, view from Roßstein to Oberwesel

Rhine rising in the Ruppertsklamm in Lahnstein

View from the Rhine to the riser Erpeler Ley

Urbachtal between Kaub and St. Goar

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