Rhine Orange

Rheinorange the name of a built in 1992 in Duisburg- Neuenkamp sculpture at the mouth of the Ruhr and the Rhine at Rhine kilometer 780 is was crafted by the Cologne sculptor Lutz Fritsch steel and forms a landmark. The estuary, the largest inland port in Europe, the place of Duisburg as an important location for the steel industry, for technology and as the location of Lehmbruck Museum as a major museum of modern sculpture in Europe to link all aspects of the Duisburg economic and cultural lives together.

The sculpture is 25 meters high and seven meters wide and one meter deep, and weighs 83 tons. The cost of production amounted to about 400,000 DM, which were donated to the initiative of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Niederrhein of companies. The name of the Rhine Orange is a play on words. The bright color is the color RAL 2004 = pure orange.

The sculpture is part of the Route of Industrial Heritage. At the sculpture ends of the 230 km long RuhrtalRadweg and the " ordeal de Ruhr ", the longest ultra- marathon in Germany.


The sculpture Rheinorange

With Friedrich Ebert Bridge