Rhona Mitra

Rhona Natasha Mitra ( born August 9, 1976 in Paddington, London) is a British actress and singer. She began her career as a model and first came to fame when she appeared as the official Lara Croft double the figure from the video game series Tomb Raider 1997-1998.

Life and career

Rhona Mitra is the daughter of Anthony and indisch-/englischstämmigen the Irish Nora Mitra, 1984 divorced yourself. She started her career with small television and stage roles and as a presenter of some British programs. Large notoriety she gained as a live model of the Lara Croft character from the computer game Tomb Raider. In between, she took acting lessons, but she dropped out after a year.

Mitra published in 1999 under the title Lara Croft: Female Icon of a David A. Stewart ( Eurythmics ) produced album.

In the television series Party of Five, she stood for twelve episodes as Holly Marie Beggins front of the camera. In the same year, Mitra played the princess Kyra in the fantasy film Beowulf. In the film, she goes a relationship with Beowulf, which is represented by Christopher Lambert, a.

In 2000, she worked as a neighbor of Sebastian Caine ( Kevin Bacon) in the film Hollow Man - Invisible to see danger. As Geraldine she stood in the action film Get Carter - The truth hurts next to Sylvester Stallone as Jack Carter, Michael Caine as Cliff Brumby and Mickey Rourke as Cyrus Paice front of the camera.

In 2002, she stood for the productions Ali G Indahouse and Sweet Home Alabama - Raising Helen in small supporting roles before the camera. She was seen as Berlin in the film by Alan Parker, The Life of David Gale, starring Kevin Spacey as David Gale and Kate Winslet as Bitsey Bloom in lead roles. Then Rhona Mitra played the attorney Tara Wilson in the legal drama Practice - The lawyers in 22 episodes before it was seen in its spin -off Boston Legal, with the same character in 20 episodes.

In the TV movie Spartacus, she played the role Varinia with Alan Bates. In the third season of the drama series Nip / Tuck - Beauty has its price received Mitra for five episodes, the supporting role of Kit McGraw. In the mystery thriller The Number 23 by Joel Schumacher, she played the female student Laura Tollin, which has been missing since her age of 23 and by Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey ) was killed. In the same year she starred opposite Mark Wahlberg and Danny Glover in the action thriller Shooter by Antoine Fuqua.

In the British science fiction film Doomsday - day of vengeance Rhona Mitra played the main character, Eden Sinclair alongside Bob Hoskins as Bill Nelson. In 2009, she played in Underworld - ( represented by Bill Nighy ), who engages in a love affair with the Lycans Lucian and he is pregnant Rise of the Lycans Sonja 's daughter of the vampire Viktor. In the television series The Gates, she starred as vampire Claire Radcliff.