RIA is an abbreviation for:

  • Radioimmunoassay laboratory method for the quantitative determination of minute quantities of substances
  • Railway Industry Association represents the majority of the railway industry in the UK and is involved in the establishment of standards
  • Left anterior descending artery, the anterior interventricular sulcus of the heart extending branch of the coronary artery to the apex of the heart, the right cavities of the heart and the ventricular septum
  • Lexicon of Assyriology and Near Eastern Archaeology, reference
  • Government Inspector candidate, title of an official revocation in the upscale non-technical administrative services
  • RIA Novosti, major Russian news agency
  • Rich Internet Application, Internet application with a powerful user interface
  • Robotic Industries Association, interest group in the field of automation and robotics in North America
  • Royal Irish Academy, non-governmental Academy of Sciences in Dublin, Ireland

Ria stands for:

  • Ria, the country invading bay which was not created by glaciers
  • Ria ( first name ), variant of the first name Mary
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