Ric Grech

Richard Roman Grechko ( born 1 November 1946 in Bordeaux, † 17 March 1990) was a British rock musician (bass, violin). As an artist, he performed under the name Ric Grech and Rick Grech.

Ric Grech joined the band in 1965 Farinas, which had been founded in 1962 by Charlie Whitney. After Roger Chapman joined the band, they changed their name in 1967 to in Family.

In February 1969 left Grech Family to the next as the fourth member of the band Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and Ginger Baker - Founded after the dissolution of Cream - new supergroup Blind Faith, to be completed. After the early end of Blind Faith in September 1969 Grech took along with Clapton, George Harrison, Denny Laine and Trevor Burton on a few songs, but did not reach for publication.

Grech joined Therefore Ginger Baker's Air Force, which quasi thus became the successor band to Blind Faith. In the summer of 1970 he played with John Mayall, Peter Green, Aynsley Dunbar and at the Bath Festival. Shortly thereafter, in August 1970, was Grech Member of Winwood's band Traffic, where he remained until December 1971.

In January 1973 Grech played in a short-lived band called The Palpitations in which, inter alia, Eric Clapton, Ron Wood, Pete Townshend and Steve Winwood played along. In the same year he played with the legendary Crickets, the former band of Buddy Holly.

1975 saw the birth of a new supergroup called KGB. Besides Grech belonged to her Ray Kennedy, Mike Bloomfield, Barry Goldberg and Carmine Appice. The team had hoped for success, however, did. 1976 went Grech with the band Square Dancing Machine on tour that had emerged from The Lentones.

Then it was quiet around Ric Grech, who had retired from the music business. He died in 1990 from the effects of a cerebral hemorrhage. Other sources speak of liver and kidney failure. Previously, he worked in Leicester carpet dealers.