Ricardo Bordallo

Ricardo " Ricky" Jerome Bordallo ( born December 11, 1927 in Agana, Guam; † 31 January 1990 Hagåtña, Guam ) was a two-time Democratic governor of the U.S. State territory of Guam, who committed suicide after having been sentenced to a long prison term for corruption.


Bordallo was the first time from 1 January 1975 to 1 January 1979 the Governor of Guam and held this position again between 1 January 1983 and 1 January 1987.

Three days before the area code (Primary Election ) 1986 Bordallo, who coined the policy Guam crucial for many years, been accused of the charge of Guam U.S. Attorney corruption in ten cases. He turned down an appearance before a grand jury and described the process as " colonialism with the border of racism." In the process, led by the U.S. District Judge Cristobal Duenas, it was also about the payment of bribes, such as $ 10,000 by a local businessman. Tape recordings and testimony gave the acceptance of large sums of money and bribes of contractors Bordallo again, this denied to have given public contracts in return.

Bordallos important employee Herman Sablan testified that some bribes flowed into Bordallos election campaign fund. On the other hand witnessed a Korean businessman paying a bribe in the amount of $ 60,000 with respect to an assessed $ 200,000 land for mining of mineral resources on Cabras Iceland.

After several days with sometimes emotional testimony and a scathing critique of the reporting on the proceedings in the media, Bordallo was convicted on 13 February 1987 in all ten counts of corruption guilty. Although it was finally dropped in seven counts of conviction, Judge Duenas sentenced him to nine years' imprisonment and payment of a further fine of $ 114,000.

After his subsequent appeal was unsuccessful, he was invited to the inaugural penalty in federal prison of Boron ( California). Bordallo did not occur to the punishment, but chained themselves to the Chief Quipuha monument in Hagåtña and shot himself then even with a .38 Special revolver.

Ricardo Bordallo was married to Madeleine Bordallo that since January 2003, as an official, but non-voting delegates the interests of "organized nichtinkorporierten territory of Guam " (organized unincorporated Territory of Guam) represents in the U.S. House of Representatives.