Ricardo Maduro

Ricardo Maduro Joest ( born April 20, 1946 in Panama) from 2002 to 2006, the President of Honduras.

Ricardo Maduro is the son of a Panamaers and a Guatemalan, married to the Spanish Aguas Santas Ocaña Navarro de Maduro.

Ricardo Maduro Joest is Honduran entrepreneurs ( in the agricultural and hotel sectors ) as well as politicians and was on January 27, 2002 State and Government of Honduras.

A President can not be re-elected in Honduras. In the presidential elections on 27 November 2005, Manuel Zelaya, Mel called, by the opposition PLH ( Partido Liberal de Honduras ) was chosen to Maduro's successor.

  • President ( Honduras)
  • Honduran
  • Born in 1946
  • Man