Richard Anthony Salisbury

Richard Anthony Salisbury, actually Richard Markham, ( born 2 May 1761 Leeds, † March 23, 1829 in London ) was an English botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Salisb. ".

Salisbury was a radical opponent of the taxonomy after Linné, so much of his work was deemed insignificant. Nevertheless, parts of his work to date are relevant, especially descriptions.

Salisbury was considered a difficult character. Around the turn of the century he was extremely in debt, which led to the breakup of his marriage to Caroline Staniforth. After he had plagiarized the work of another botanist, his scientific credibility was lost. He was one of the seven founding members of the London Horticultural Society


  • Icones stirpium rariorum descriptionibus illustrata, 1791
  • Prodromus stirpium in horto ad Chapel Allerton vigentium, 1796
  • Dissertatio botanica de Erica, 1800
  • The Paradisus Londinensis, 1805-1808
  • Genera of Plants, 1866


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