Richard Bach

Richard David Bach ( born June 23, 1936 in Oak Park, Illinois ) is an American writer and pilot.


Bach started flying at the age of 17 years. A year later, he began training as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. He then worked at airshows and as a flight instructor.

In addition to his activities, he published essays on the fly, which, however, he dealt not only technically, but also emotionally and personally with the topic.

His first book Jonathan Livingston Seagull 1970 is now regarded as a cult book. According to Publishers Weekly, the book was sold five years after its publication more than nine million. By April 1992, the number of copies sold rose to 30 million.

One can reduce to this book Bach complete works but not. In his later novels, he is not only increasingly intense so apart, in which the fascination of flying is and how it affects him, but comes from flying experiences also in a very different, partly metaphysical issues such as the power of hypnosis on the reality in " The pilot".


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