Richard Hunt (puppeteer)

Richard Hunt ( born August 16, 1951 in New York City; † January 7, 1992 ) was an American puppeteer, actor and television director.


From 1972 worked with Hunt as a puppeteer on Sesame Street ( the original Sesame Street). There he played, among others, the figures "Think Dran Jost " ( Forgetful Jones) " Blaffido Flamingo" ( Placido Flamingo ) and " Don tearjerker " ( Don Music).

The Muppet Show Hunt played among other Statler, Scooter, Janice, Sweetums and Wayne. In the series Fraggle Rock, he played the main characters "Junior Gorg " and " Gunge ".

Richard Hunt died in 1992 of AIDS. The movie The Muppets Christmas Carol was and died in 1990, Jim Henson dedicated to him.