Richard John Grecco

Richard John Grecco ( born March 4, 1946 in Saint Catharines ) is Bishop of Charlottetown.


Richard John Grecco received on 2 September 1972, the ordination.

Pope John Paul II appointed him auxiliary bishop on 5 December 1997 in London, and titular bishop of Uccula. He received his episcopal consecration of Bishop Emeritus of Saint Catharines, Thomas Benjamin Fulton, on 2 February of next year; Co-consecrators were John Aloysius O'Mara, Bishop of Saint Catharines, and John Michael Sherlock, Bishop of London. As a motto he chose Hope in The Lord.

On April 27, 2002, he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto. On 11 July 2009 he was beatified by Benedict XVI. appointed Bishop of Charlottetown and introduced into the office on 21 September of the same year.