Richard Lyons (racing driver)

Richard Lyons ( born August 8, 1979 in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland ) is a British racing driver.

Richard Lyons ran from 1988 to 1995 kart race. In 1996 he raced in the British Formula Ford Championship and won the Winter Championship. In 1997 he joined the British Formula Vauxhall Junior. In 1998, he started Winter Championship in the Formula Opel - Euro series and was 3 He also joined again in the British Formula Vauxhall Junior Championship, where he reached second place. He also drove in the Formula Palmer Audi series, which he finished in the following year as championship runner-up. In 2000 he drove in Formula Palmer Audi and in the British Formula Renault.

Lyons went to Japan in 2001 and began to race in Formula Nippon. In 2004, he reached his career peak with the overall victory in this championship. Moreover, since 2002, he became involved in the Japanese GT series. 2006, he was half a season long for Team Ireland in the A1 Grand Prix series, and also drove in the Le Mans Series. The following year, he again exclusively in the Japanese GT series.