Richnava (Slovak 1927-1948 " Rychnava "; German Reichenau or Richenau, Hungarian rihno - to 1927 Richnó ) a municipality in Okres Gelnica of Košice is Region in eastern Slovakia, with a population of 2530 (31 December 2011 ).


The municipality is situated on the southern slopes of the Branisko Mountains, mostly on the left bank of the Hornád. On the opposite side lies the Slovak Ore Mountains. Richnava is four kilometers away from Krompachy.


The town was first mentioned in writing in 1246, but the deed is a forgery according to some sources, as well as more in the 13th century. The first written mention is given in 1303 (as Ryhno ). In Richnava was in the Middle Ages a castle in the 15th century, however, is detectable. Thus, the place became the seat of Herrschaftsguts. The castle was demolished in 1528 by the citizens of the city Leutschau. In the 14th century the place was owned by the PERENYI family since 1693 Csáky family. The main source of income was agriculture, forestry and works in the city Krompachy.

Until 1918, the place was in the county Zips in the Kingdom of Hungary and came afterwards to the newly formed Czechoslovakia. 1945, the town was almost completely burnt down by the German troops.


Results according to the census 2001 (1.850 inhabitants):

After Ethnicity:

  • 72.00 % Slovaks
  • 26.27 % Gypsy
  • 0.43% Czechs

After Religion:

  • 76.92 % Roman Catholic
  • 19.68 % religious affiliation
  • 2.76 % no answer
  • 0.49% Greek Catholic