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Rick Springfield ( born August 23, 1949 as Richard Lewis Springthorpe in Sydney, Australia ) is an Australian- American musician and actor. The U.S. citizenship he has since 2006.

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Rick Springfield was born in 1949, the son of Norman and Eileen Springthorpe. 1959 the family moved because of the military career of his father to England. On his 13th birthday he got his first guitar from his father that knew how he been converted into the electric guitar.


1967 left Rick Springfield High School and played as the guitarist of Rock House. 1968 Rockhouse played under the name of MPD, Ltd. to support troops in Vietnam. In February 1969 Springfield returned home from Vietnam. After a short-lived band called founding Wickedy Wak he was guitarist and backing vocalist in Zoot, with whom he achieved a great reputation in Australia, including the best-selling single Eleanor Rigby, a hard-rock cover version of the Beatles classic.

After the release of Zoot in 1971, Rick Springfield tried as a soloist. Even with his first single Speak To The Sky he had the first top ten hit in Australia and the USA, in which he moved in 1972. His first album Beginnings was only a moderate commercial success. His second album Comic Book Heroes was also not a great success, despite good reviews. After that, the soundtrack was released to the animated series Mission Magic. In 1974, Springfield recorded his album Springfield. Due to disagreements with the management, the album did not appear. The record label Chelsea Records released in 1976 the album Wait For Night, but had a short time later file for bankruptcy.

1978 wrote Rick Springfield at Universal Pictures an acting contract and entered into numerous shows and series on, among other things, Battlestar Galactica, Wonder Woman and Rockford Files, in Germany known as The Rockford Files - Just call us.

In 1981, the breakthrough came after many years. The album Working Class Dog was thanks to the No.1 single Jessie 's Girl, a surprise hit, reaching the U.S. platinum for 1 million records sold. With Love Is Allright Tonight and I've Done Everything for You, the latter composed by Sammy Hagar followed by two more Top 20 singles. That same year, Springfield had signed a contract for the role of Dr. Noah Drake in the television series General Hospital, as it was not sure at first whether his album Working Class Dog would appear at all. In April 1981, his father had died, the Rick Springfield, the two songs My Father's Chair and April 24th was dedicated. 1982 won Springfield a Grammy in the category " Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male" for his title Jessie 's Girl. For two more Grammys he was nominated. The follow-up album Success Has not Spoiled Me Yet (1982 ) was able to continue with the hit single Do not Talk To Strangers in the success, and was awarded double platinum was also nominated for a Grammy. In 1983 he left the series General Hospital, to devote himself again to more of his music. In the following years, Rick has published three more successful albums also. Living In OZ (1983 ), Hard To Hold ( 1984), a soundtrack to the movie of the same name, in which he also played the lead role, and Tao ( 1985) with the single Celebrate Youth.

1988 Springfield accident with an ATV and broke his shoulder bone and a few ribs. The 1988 produced album 'Rock Of Life was not a big commercial success, because he could not tour due to the accident. By 1997, he had more or less a musical blackout, appeared in numerous films and series (see filmography ) and started his musical comeback, only under the name Sahara Snow, and then again in 1999 with his own name and the album Karma. But " take off " right he could only again with the album The Greatest Hits ... Alive 2001. From January 2001 to December 2007 played / sang the lead role in the Special Effects show EFX Alive at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

In 2004 he released the album Shock, Denial, Anger, Acceptance (short: SDAA ), in which he struck a much rockier sound than it was at Karma. The following year, he wanted to show his fans what music inspired him and what songs he would have liked to have written. The result was the album The Day Before Yesterday, which does not however able to repeat the success of SDAA. Better off came the best-of double album Written in Rock, also from the year 2005. 2006 was his Working Class DogAlbum remastered and with three previously unreleased bonus tracks and re-released. His first Christmas album Christmas With You was released 2007. 2008 appeared Venus in Overdrive and reached its highest album chart position in the U.S. since the eighties. Then Rick found some old tapes in a drawer as " My precious little one", a collection of lullabies, which he had written for his two sons, Liam and Joshua in their childhood days. 2009 In 2009 he had some major guest appearances Himself in the series Californication ( TV Series, Season 3 ), where he was shown there as extravagant 80s legend on the way to comeback. 2010 was marked by the European fans, as it there were a few concerts, including a concert in Germany in June before about 800 fans in the vineyard, but also because the Italian record label Frontiers Records, known for rock and hard rock productions a rarities CD from along with Jeff Silverman written songs and his success CD Venus in overdrive with a bonus track and a live DVD has reissued (Live in Rockford ) for the European market. In the autumn of 2012 published with Rick Springfield Songs For The End Of The World a new album. It is significant that the CD was released in four different covers and each with different bonus tracks.

Since the autumn of 2010, his autobiography Late, late at night is available. You made ​​it to the top ten rankings in some bestseller lists in the USA.

Private life

1984 married Rick Springfield Barbara Porter, a secretary of RCA Records. They have two sons.

In September 2000, Rick Springfield was arrested after an argument with his wife Barbara. The next morning he was set free again for a payment of $ 50,000 bail.



  • Zoot Locker ( 1971) [ As a guitarist of the band Zoot ]
  • Beginnings ( 1972)
  • Comic Book Heroes ( 1973)
  • Mission Magic ( 1974)
  • Wait For Night ( 1976)
  • Beautiful Feelings ( 1978, first published in 1984 with newly- played instruments)
  • Working Class Dog ( 1981)
  • Success Has not Spoiled Me Yet (1982 )
  • Living In OZ (1983 )
  • Hard To Hold ( 1984)
  • Tao ( 1985)
  • Rock Of Life (1988 )
  • Rick Springfield's Greatest Hits (1989 )
  • Sahara Snow ( 1997) ( as Sahara Snow with Tim Pierce and Bob Marlette )
  • Karma (1999)
  • Alive ( 2001)
  • Shock / Denial / Anger / Acceptance (2004)
  • The Day After Yesterday (2005)
  • Written In Rock Anthology (2005)
  • Working Class Dog ( Expanded Edition ) (2006 )
  • Christmas With You (2007)
  • The Early Sound City Sessions ( 2007) ( original recordings to Beautiful Feelings of 1978)
  • Venus In Overdrive (2008)
  • My Precious Little One (2009)
  • From the Vault ( 2010) ( with Jeff Silverman, previously unreleased songs and demos)
  • Venus in Overdrive (2010 ) (European version with bonus track and live DVD )
  • Songs For The End Of The World (2012 ) ( four covers)


  • Speak To The Sky (1972 ) Beginnings
  • What Would The Children Think (1972 ) Beginnings
  • I'm Your Superman (1973 ) Comic Book Heroes
  • Believe in me (1973 ) Comic Book Heroes
  • Streakin ' across the USA ( 1974) Springfield ( album not be published)
  • American Girls (1974 ) Springfield ( album not be published)
  • Take A Hand (1976 ) Wait for Night
  • One million U.S. dollars Face ( 1976) Wait for Night
  • Jessie 's Girl (1981 ) Working Class Dog
  • I've Done Everything For You (1981 ) Working Class Dog
  • Love Is Alright Tonite (1981 ) Working Class Dog
  • Do not Talk To Strangers (1982 ) Success Has not Spoiled me yet
  • What Kind Of Fool Am I (1982 ) Success Has not Spoiled me yet
  • I Get Excited (1982 ) Success Has not Spoiled me yet
  • Affair Of The Heart (1983 ) Living in Oz
  • Human Touch (1983 ) Living in Oz
  • Souls ( 1983) Living in Oz
  • Bruce (1984 ) Beautiful Feelings
  • Love Somebody (1984 ) Hard to Hold soundtrack
  • Do not Walk Away (1984 ) Hard to Hold soundtrack
  • Bop 'Til You Drop (1984 ) Hard to Hold soundtrack
  • Taxi Dancing ( 1984) Hard to Hold soundtrack
  • Celebrate Youth (1985 ) Tao
  • State Of The Heart (1985 ) Tao
  • Dance This World Away (1985 ) Tao
  • Rock Of Life (1988 ) Rock of Life
  • Honeymoon in Beirut ( 1988) Rock of Life ( published in Germany as Oh What A Honeymoon )
  • I need you (1988 ) Iron Eagle II Soundtrack
  • Itsalwayssomething (1999) Karma
  • Prayer (1999) Karma
  • Karma (1999) Karma
  • Free ( 1999) Karma
  • Gloria ( live) ( 2001) The greatest Hits ... Alive
  • Will I? (2004) shock / denial / anger / acceptance
  • Beautiful You (2004) shock / denial / anger / acceptance
  • Broken Wings (2005) The day after yesterday
  • Christmas With You (2007) Christmas with you
  • What's Victoria's Secret? (2008) Venus in Overdrive


  • Live and Kickin ' (1983 )
  • Beat of the Live Drum (1985 )
  • Live in Rockford ( 2006)

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