Rick van der Linden

Rick van der Linden (* August 5, 1946 in Badhoevedorp; † 22 January 2006, Groningen) was a Dutch composer and keyboardist. He became known as the mastermind of Ekseption and later played at Trace, Mistral and session. Van der Linden gladly combined classical and modern music, for example, with works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven.


Van der Linden went through high school in Haarlem and played from the age of 13 piano. He has performed with various symphony orchestras and classical works by various composers. In 1967 he studied at the Conservatory of The Hague with awards for piano, church organ, harmony and counterpoint. He then became a lecturer at the Haarlem Conservatory.

With Ekseption toured van der Linden early 70s through Europe. Even with trace van der Linden was successful. Then he made several solo albums with predominantly classic works. As a guest van der Linden played with the likes of Joachim Kühn, Deep Purple, Phil Collins, Vangelis, Jack Lancaster and Brand X and band Mistral ( among others with Robbie van Leeuwen of Shocking Blue ).

On 19 November 2005 suffered Rick van der Linden a stroke, by which he was paralyzed on one side, and in consequence it two months later, died on 22 January 2006. On 27 January 2006, he was buried in Hoogeveen.


Rick van der Linden was known for his large arsenal of different keyboards on stage.

  • Steinway / Kawai grand piano
  • Hohner Clavinet D6
  • Hohner Pianet
  • Fender Rhodes
  • Hammond B3
  • Church organ
  • Small Pipe Organ
  • Neupert Harpsichord
  • ARP 2600
  • ARP Solina String Ensemble
  • Mellotron 400D (chorus - Strings - Brass )
  • Optigan Music Maker