Riekofen is a municipality in the district of Regensburg Upper Palatinate and a member of the administrative community Sünching. Riekofen with 791 inhabitants, the smallest independent municipality in the district of Regensburg.

  • 2.1 prehistory
  • 2.2 Amalgamations
  • 3.1 Coat of Arms
  • 4.1 Sons and daughters of the town


Geographical Location

The community is located between Pfatter and Sünching in the northwestern Gäuboden.

Community structure

The municipality has eight officially named districts:

  • Amhof
  • Bruckhof
  • Buchenrain
  • Hartham
  • Upper Ehring
  • Riekofen
  • Taimering
  • Under Ehring


Riekofen 878 was first mentioned. The name Taimering, although the village is much older, first mentioned in the 14th century. 1858 Taimering gets a rail connection with the construction of haul Regensburg - Straubing, the breakpoint is set in 1988, however. 1870 Riekofen castle was demolished.


In Riekofen a double circle grave complex was discovered in 1995, which is attributed to the Pollinger culture. Riekofen is considered an important locality of prehistory.


On January 1, 1972, until then independent municipality Ehring was incorporated. On 1 January 1978 was added Taimering.


Coat of arms

Blazon: Oblique links shared by black and gold; on black Dreienberg a Capricorn in changing colors, holding a green shamrock between the front hooves. The coat of arms is conducted since 1982.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Anton Beck (1816-1898), Member of Parliament


  • Parish Church of St. John bapt. and John ev in Riekofen
  • Chapel of Christ at the scourge column in the Chapel Street / Hofmarkstraße in Riekofen.
  • Cath. Church of St Margaret in Taimering
  • Cath. Branch Church of St. Stephen in Upper Ehring
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