Right to Play

Right To Play is an international development organization. Your goal is to work with the help of games and sports programs from war, poverty and disease to promote world affected children and to improve their quality of life. The organization is based in Toronto Canada. There are also branches in China, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the United States.

The first purely Norwegian organization was founded in 1992 by the organizing committee of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, at that time still under the name of Olympic Aid. The speed skater and four-time Olympic gold medalist Johann Olav Koss called other athletes for donations and played a crucial role in the internationalization of the organization. He is now its president. In 2007, donations amounted to 27.6 million Canadian dollars.

Right To Play is active in four areas: . Basic education and child development, health promotion and disease prevention, conflict resolution and peace education, community promotion These objectives are particularly encouraged by sports and games. Are supported mainly HIV -infected and children with AIDS, the disabled, street children, former child combatants and refugees. As flagships and role models serve more than 300 top athletes from around 40 different countries, including many Olympic and world champion.