Rim-Sin I.

Rim -Sin I ruled in Babylonia from 1822 BC to 1763 BC (middle chronology ) as the last king of the first dynasty of Larsa.


Rim -Sin I. was the son of amurritischen commander Kudur - Mabuk. 1758 BC (or 1822 BC), he followed his older brother Warad -Sin on the throne of Larsa. His wife Simat - Ishtar built in Ur for Ninegal the sanctuary Eagga - kilib - Urur, temple, which collects all the instructions. Ninegal took here the role of Inanna, which was also mistress of the palace. In inscriptions called Rim -Sin Ninegal / Inanna as a great daughter of the moon god Sin. :

" Great daughter of Sin, which collects payments in heaven and earth, which keeps all ME in her hand, their saying in the council precedes, my lady. "

It succeeded Rim -Sin, to maintain his empire against the ancient Near East city-states allied Babylon, Uruk and Isin. His sister En - ane -du he appointed to high priestess of the moon god in Ur. This prestigious office was 500 years previously created by Sargon of Akkad and was allowed in the following centuries - even in dynasty Jump - only be filled by the respective king. It served well to the fact that the once mighty Sumerian center remained loyal.

To make the soil under cultivation and ensure safe drinking water, let Rim -Sin create channels. But finally conquered in 1698 BC (or 1763 BC), the more aggressive than previously occurred since his 29th year of reign of Hammurabi Babylonierkönig Larsa and took Rim -Sin in Yamutbal in Elam caught.