Rio Haryanto

Rio Haryanto (born 22 January 1993 at Surakarta ) is an Indonesian racing driver. It starts in the GP2 series since 2012.


Haryanto began his motorsport career in 2001 in karting, where he was active until 2008. Among other things, he won from 2005 to 2007, the Asian Junior Championship and in 2008 was master of Indonesian Kart Championship. He also gave his debut in the 2008 Formula racing and entered in the Asian Formula Renault Challenge, which he finished in sixth place, and in Formula Asia 2.0, in which he finished third overall, at. After he had started in 2008 to five races of the Formula BMW Pacific, he entered 2009 in this championship. Haryanto dominated the season, was seen in eleven of 15 races as the winner and secured by a wide margin the championship. He also took part in several races of various championships.

2010 moved to Haryanto Manor Racing to Europe and competed in the first season of the GP3 series. During the sprint race in Istanbul, his first victory was. At the end of the season, he finished fifth overall. Since he was the best pilot of his team, he was allowed to participate as a reward at the age of 17 years Formula 1 test driving for Virgin Racing, the Formula 1 racing team from Manor. He also appeared for Manor at two race weekends of the season 2010 British Formula 3 Championship, finishing in 20th place overall. In addition, he was a guest starter at two races of the Formula Renault 2.0 Euro Cups in part. 2011 graduated Haryanto his second season in the GP3 Series for Manor Racing. After he had scored his first points until the fourth race weekend, followed by two victories in the next two race weekends. The season he finished in seventh place in the championship. Team Internally he was beaten Adrian Quaife - Hobbs. In addition Haryanto took 2011 for DAMS in the Auto GP. Because of scheduling conflicts with the GP3 series he did not participate in an event. With a win, he also included in this series, the drivers' standings from seventh place. At the end of the year Haryanto took part in the GP2 Final DAMS for 2011 and was 17

2012 Haryanto went for Carlin in the GP2 series at the start. While his team-mate Max Chilton was fourth overall with two wins, Haryanto reached the 14th place overall with a fifth place as best result. In addition, Haryanto completed Formula 1 test driving for Marussia. 2013 moved Haryanto within the GP2 Series for Barwa Addax. During the sprint race at Silverstone he was in second for the first time on the podium. It was his only podium placing in the season. While his team-mate Jake Rosenzweig remained without points, Haryanto reached the 19th place overall with 22 points. 2014 denies Haryanto for Caterham Racing GP2 his third season. After the first race weekend, he finished 19th overall.


Career stations

  • 2001-2008: Karting
  • 2008: Formula Asia 2.0 ( 3rd place)
  • 2008: Asian Formula Renault Challenge ( 6th place)
  • 2008: Formula BMW Pacific
  • 2009: Formula BMW Pacific (Master)
  • 2009: Asian Formula Renault Challenge ( # 11 )
  • 2009: Australian Formula 3 (8th place )
  • 2010: GP3 Series ( 5th place)
  • 2010: British Formula 3 ( 20th place )
  • 2011: GP3 series ( 7th place)
  • 2011: Auto GP ( 7th place)
  • 2012: GP2 Series (No. 14)
  • 2013: GP2 Series ( No. 19 )
  • 2014: GP2 Series

Individual results in the GP3 Series

Individual results in the GP2 Series