Rio (windowing system)

Rio is the window system of the operating system plan 9


Many features of rio implement basic concepts in Plan 9:

  • Each window runs in its own private namespace.
  • It exports a file system interface for running application programs, which is the same, the rio has already received from the operating system. This can be easily performed in a rio rio window. By using 9P rio is completely network transparent, although it includes no explicit network code.
  • Window are treated as raw text that can be edited.

A special feature is that the window management is transparent to the applications. This allows rio can be executed within rio, or within a different window manager.


In rio is the youngest member of numerous developed by Bell Labs, graphical user interfaces, and thus in a sense a " descendants " of the X Window System ( UNIX ).

In older versions of Plan 9 had 8 ½ rio the name.