Risin og Kellingin

Risin og Kellingin [ ri ː o ː sɪn ʧɛd̥lɪnʤɪn ] ( Faroese: " the giant and the woman " ) are two large stone pillars about 2 km north of Eiði off the north coast Eysturoys in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic.

Risin and Kellingin are the most famous natural monument of the Faroe Islands. Prior to the cliff on the north coast Eysturoys the two basalt columns appear almost petite, but they are each about 80 feet high.

To the two cliffs climbs to a legend which can be told in various versions of each Faroese.

Sage of Risin and Kellingin

A less common version is as follows:

Imminent end of Kellingin?

Faroese geologists estimate that Kellingin that stands on two legs, will plunge into the sea during a winter storm sometime in the next few decades. Already at the beginning of the 20th century is canceled by Kellingin the " big belly ".


The best view from the perspective typical of most photographers it has by Tjornuvik on Streymoy. The local sandy beach is an appropriate foreground to the rugged coast Eysturoys in the east.

Another possibility is the view from the top to the other side of the two basalt columns on the way from Eiði after Gjógv in the north Eysturoys where you, will pass also the highest mountain in the islands, the Slættaratindur. From this page the two cliffs have a significantly different outline.

Who comes with the Norröna from Iceland, is "welcomed" with good visibility from the two pinnacles.