Rita Pavone

Rita Pavone ( born August 23, 1945 in Turin) is an Italian pop singer.


Pavone worked after their schooling in a Turin shirt factory as a seamstress. According to their own statements, they bugged the hosts of places until they left them sing before an audience in their environment. Therefore, she reported her father in 1962 to a young Schlagerfestival in Ariccia, near Rome. There she was the organizer Teddy Reno, who himself was a fairly well-known show star, discovered.

As early as next year in 1963 occupied Pavone - 1,49 m tall, reddish, short hair, 36 kg, often in turtlenecks occurring - in the various charts in Italy the first places. Pieces such as La partita di pallone ( their first album ), Cuore, Lui and Questo nostro amore thrilled the Italian teenager.

In the same year she had with voluminous voice their great success in Germany. If I were a boy went straight to number 2 and a year later, in a duet with Paul Anka them succeeded again with Kiddy Kiddy Kiss Me is a great success. In 1964 she was awarded the Bronze Bravo Otto in the youth magazine BRAVO. Once again, before they brought out plates also in France and the U.S., she had a top ten hit with Arrivederci Hans.

Between 1965 and 1967, and five films were with her, mostly aimed at young audiences. Including two by the participation of Terence Hill marketed in Germany films: the musical spaghetti western "Blue beans for a Hallelujah " and playing in the second world war comedy " stage pigs ".

In 1968 she married Teddy Reno and brought a little later to a son. By the year 1971 over 12 million records were sold to her as a singer. She got his own TV show in their home country and toured Japan and South America.

Occasionally, Pavone also in the 1990s and the new millennium in Italy and France, where it was even more popular than in Germany, in small roles in musicals and television shows. After recovering from heart surgery in 2004, she went from March 2005 farewell tour.

Success title

  • A penalty on my heart
  • Arrivederci Hans
  • If I were a boy
  • Kiddy Kiddy Kiss me ( with Paul Anka )
  • Everything broken
  • If the circus is coming
  • Il raffreddore
  • Parlare con gli animali
  • Paul never forget me
  • Who loves more out of life
  • The Captain of Köpenick
  • Peppino from Torino
  • I ask my dad
  • Ben bene bene
  • My Jack is 2 feet tall
  • Ma che te ne fai 1968
  • You, you, you're going around in my head
  • Zucchero 1969
  • In the Federal Republic all like to make music
  • Bonjour la France
  • Amici mai 1972
  • Vertes collines ( Montagne verdi ) 1972
  • Moi sans toi 1972
  • L' amore è un poco matto 1973
  • Arrivederci Napoli 1975
  • Fuggire da qui 1975
  • Yo que te quiero 1976
  • The n'ai jamais fait l' amour 1979