Ritzerow is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District. It is located northwest of Neubrandenburg and belongs to the Office Stavenhagen, which has its administrative headquarters in Stavenhagen.

Geography and transport

Ritzerow is located about six kilometers southeast of Stavenhagen and 25 kilometers northwest of Neubrandenburg. Federal highway 104 runs through the town and the main road 194 west past her. Through the village flows a source stream of Ostpeene.

As districts Galenbeck, Ritzerow and Wackerow are reported.


Ritzerow was old Domanialkirchdorf and decreed in 1276 already had its own parish. In the same year it was awarded by Duke Wartislaw IV v. Pomerania the monastery Ivenack. Prince Nicolaus von Werle confirmed the membership of the monastery under 1 January 1300.

With the secularization Ritzerow fell in the 1650s back to the sovereign government. The parish belonged later as a branch to Stavenhagen.


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  • Neo-Gothic village church in Ritzerow
  • Chapel in Galenbeck

Chapel in Galenbeck